My First Ever Blog Post

I’m sure it will be very obvious to you, but this is the first time I’ve ever tried anything like this. I am not an outgoing person in general, but I’ll do my best to make this as exciting as possible while also actually providing the information necessary for you to do what I’m doing. After all, the goal of this blog is to not only document my ups and downs as I follow my dreams, but to help anyone else interested in ditching their 9-5 crap jobs as well.

As I’m writing this, the only step I’ve taken so far is writing this post. That’s right, this blog is dual purpose for me. The goal is to use this as a tool to keep me on track, while also using it as the first step along the path to $6000 a month. Will it work? I don’t know yet, but whether it does or not I’ll have the results in later blog posts. Most people out there only want to share their successes, but here I plan to share everything I try, good or bad, to help us all learn the process.

Lets talk a little about where I’m starting at. I work as a taxidermist in Tennessee. I work 40 hours a week, get paid $20 an hour, and hate every minute of it. My boss micro-manages everything I do, at least when he is here. Currently I estimate that he has been on vacation for about 30% of the year. So I’m left running his business for that time, but he pays himself almost double what he pays me. Must be nice being the boss. Rent in my area is ridiculous (I think anyway) as I pay $1250 a month for a one bedroom apartment. Due to high cost of living as well as just not being smart with my money, I’ve only recently stated building a savings account, currently around $4000. I only say this to show that I am starting this process with very little capital, so don’t get the idea that I can just invest my money in a high dividend stock and live off of that. Also because of this I will have to continue working here until I start actually making passive income, although I plan on quitting around the $3000 mark.

This is just the introductory blog post but my goal is to write at least 1 post per week, each one covering what I’ve been doing to start making money. Depending on how the week goes I may write more or less, but for right now that’s the goal. Wish me luck, because if I succeed it should so you that anyone can do this!


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